Greetings to all faculty members, staff, and students.

As the principal of Tejgaon College, I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for your unwavering commitment to excellence. Your dedication, both inside and outside the classroom, plays an instrumental role in the success and reputation of our esteemed institution.

The field of Computer Science and Engineering is a beacon of innovation, and it’s through your rigorous work, cutting-edge research, and passion for imparting and imbibing knowledge that we continually adapt and evolve in this dynamic landscape.

As we march forward into an era defined by technological advancements, the role you all play becomes ever more crucial. I have immense faith in your capabilities and believe that together, we will not only stay abreast of the rapid changes but also be pioneers leading the way.

I urge you to keep the spirit of inquiry alive, to challenge the norms, and to inspire and be inspired. My office remains open to all of you, and I am eager to learn more about your projects.

First and foremost, I want to express my appreciation for the dedication and enthusiasm that the CSE department has consistently shown towards academic excellence and extracurricular activities. Your hard work and commitment contribute significantly to our institute’s reputation.

I am pleased to know that the Programming Club is launching its activities for the upcoming academic year with a renewed focus on enhancing coding skills, fostering innovation, and building a strong sense of camaraderie among the members. We believe that the programming skills and problem-solving mindset nurtured within the club will not only complement your academic pursuits but also prepare you for the dynamic challenges of the IT industry.


I encourage each one of you to actively participate in the club’s activities. Whether you are a seasoned coder or just beginning your programming journey, the Programming Club has something to offer to everyone. It’s not just about coding; it’s about developing a growth mindset, honing problem-solving abilities, and fostering a sense of community.


I am confident that the CSE department will continue to excel and make us proud through its active involvement in the Programming Club. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and code towards a brighter future together.


Wishing you all a successful and fulfilling academic year ahead!


Professor Dr. Md. Harun-Or-Rashid


Tejgaon College, Dhaka