Message From Chairman

“Welcome to Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Tejgaon College, Dhaka is one of the finest departments under National University in Bangladesh of its arena with the mark of its magnificent progress. Various kinds of activities, academic and extra-curriculum activities have brought this department to both national and international focus. Also teachers and students spontaneously participate in different programs to make the department a centre for excellence. Research activities have earned fame of the department at both home and aboard. We are contented and committed to take the department along with the university forward with the help of the teachers, students, officers and employees who have been toiling hard to retain peace and order in the campus. We strongly adhere to all forms of progressive ideas as we bear the spirit of freedom, conscience and liberal thought. The department established in 1999 and now it has become the potential and rich department.

Computer Science is fundamental to human prosperity, equity, and wellness. I believe, the department is the most forward-looking, vibrant and dynamic department of Tejgaon College. The CSE Department is committed to provide an outstanding educational experience for its students and prepare them for the highest personal and professional growth. We believe in student-centered and practice-oriented education to train the future workforce and meet the challenges of existing and emerging technologies of the 21st century. We have group of enriched faculty members. We are providing modern well equipped hardware and software lab, enriched library and other activities like programming club, sporting club etc.

We are dedicated to implement the Vision of SMART BANGLADESH which transforms the nation into healthy economy and advance knowledge based society by 2041.”


Md. Abdul Hadi

Chairman of Computer Science & Engineering

Tejgaon College, Dhaka