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Facilities of Computer Science & Engineering:
1. Computers: High-performance desktops or laptops with modern processors, sufficient RAM, and storage space to handle resource-intensive development tasks.

2. Monitors:Large and high-resolution monitors to provide ample screen space for coding, debugging, and multitasking.

3. Peripherals: Keyboards, mice, and other input devices that are comfortable and suitable for extended use.

4. Networking Equipment:Routers, switches, and cables to set up local networks for development and testing purposes.

5. Servers: Powerful servers to host applications, databases, and other services, especially for server-side development.

6. Mobile Devices: Smartphones, tablets, and other devices for testing and debugging mobile applications.

7. External Storage: USB drives, external hard drives, or network-attached storage (NAS) for backup and data storage.

8. Printers and Scanners: Devices for printing code, documentation, and scanning diagrams or notes.

9. Testing Devices: variety of devices representing different platforms and operating systems for testing software compatibility.

10. Virtualization Tools: Resources for creating virtual machines and emulating various environments for testing purposes.

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